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Automatic Data Top Ups

What happens if you go over your Included Mobile Data?

Bill shock is a thing of the past...

Commander's Rapid Plus mobile plans include Automatic Data Top Ups to help you eliminate concerns over expensive data usage and letting you focus on business as usual.

It's simple, if you get through your plan’s Included Mobile Data allowance before the month is over, Commander will:

  1. Automatically top up your account with 1GB of Mobile Data for just $10, irrespective of which plan you're on.
  2. If you get through your 1GB top up before the month is over we will automatically apply 1GB data top up to your service another three times within the billing cycle, for the same charge of just $10 each time.
  3. If after four Automatic Data Top Ups you still need more data, you will be charged $0.10 per MB for any further excess usage. If you get to this level of usage, you may want to consider upgrading your plan or using Wi-Fi where possible.
  4. Commander will alert you via SMS as you use your original Included Mobile Data allowance at 50%, 85% and 100%. You are also alerted each time we apply an automatic top up so you can monitor your usage and know what to expect on your next invoice.
  5. At the start of the next billing cycle the Mobile Data Allowance is reinstated as per the original inclusion of your plan.

Things you should know:

Included Mobile Data Allowance: : Includes use for National Mobile Data only. Mobile Data usage includes access to email, WAP services (e.g. Optus Zoo) and Internet browsing directly from your mobile device or by using the mobile device as a tethered modem (via infrared, Bluetooth, cable etc.).

Excludes use for Voice calls, Voicemail, International SMS, Premium and Third Party SMS, Optus Zoo and Third Party content purchases and subscription fees, VPN data usage, data used while roaming internationally and anything else not specified in the included Mobile Data Allowance. If you are able to access such services, your use of such services will be charged at the applicable rates. When overseas, International Data Roaming usage charges apply as additional charges. Some data cards/devices are incompatible with networks in some countries. Please contact Commander for information on applicable charges and a list of countries Commander supports. Any content downloaded from the Internet or WAP enabled websites, such as ringtones or logos, may incur additional charges from the provider of the content (which will be rebilled to you by Commander and payment of which is your responsibility).

Mobile Data transfer speeds may vary depending on the type of device, location and number of users accessing the network at any given time. Usage is counted in kilobytes and includes uploads and downloads. 1024KB = 1MB. If you exceed your plan's monthly Mobile Data Allowance, Mobile Data (excess usage) charges apply as per the applicable mobile plan the service is connected to (see charges tables). Unused Allowance expires at the end of each month and is not refundable or transferable. At the start of the next billing cycle the Mobile Data Allowance is reinstated as per the original inclusion of your plan.

Mobile Data Automatic Top Up: If you exceed your Mobile Data Allowance you will be charged excess usage at $10 per Automatic Top Up. The Automatic Top Up includes 1GB of Mobile Data. Automatic Top Ups will be applied up to a maximum of 4 times in a billing cycle. After four Automatic Top Ups, Mobile Data excess usage will be charged at $0.10/MB. For example, the Mobile Data Automatic Top Up on all plans is $10 for 1GB (charged in increments of 1GB to a maximum of 4GB). If you exceed 4GB of usage in addition to your plan’s included data allowance, further use will be charged at $0.10 per MB. Therefore, if you use 600MB of data during a month, and your included usage is 500MB, you will be billed for an additional 1GB of data (charged at $10). Unused Automatic Data Top Up amounts expire at the end of each month and are not refundable or transferable. At the start of the next billing cycle the Mobile Data Allowance is reinstated as per the original inclusion of your plan.